Trina Solar’s Vertex N Module Passes RETC Thresher Test with Flying Colors

RETC, a leading independent test laboratory for photovoltaic and renewable energy products, recently issued its Extended Reliability Test Report, and it showed that Trina Solar’s Vertex N module passed its thresher test, demonstrating excellent performance. RETC, based in Fremont, California, tests industry-leading module technology and provides the industry with data that helps stakeholders and developers […]

Jubilee Corporation and Autonics: Driving Efficiency with Solid State Relays in Industrial Automation

For more than 45 years, Autonics has been a trusted name in the industrial automation industry. With more than 6000 product models, Autonics offers a variety of sensors, controllers, motion devices, process automation devices, and control switches for various industrial sectors globally, including FMCGs, Automotive, Textile, Pharmaceutical, and Packaging and Processing industries. Jubilee Corporation (JC) […]

Advancing Pakistan’s Power Transmission with IMS Electric

Miftah Ur Rehman Manager HV Systems at IMS talks to Engineering Post IMS Electric, led by Miftah Ur Rehman, is a trailblazer in the field of High Voltage (HV) systems, offering invaluable expertise and solutions to the power sector in Pakistan. With over two decades of experience, Miftah brings a wealth of knowledge and insights […]

Energy Sector Facts and Figures

Indicative Generation Capacity Expansion 2018-40 formulated

Engineering Post Report Demand for energy increases due to the expansion of  economic activities, population growth and rapid technological  change.  However, energy supply bottlenecks and reliance on imported fossil  fuels  can be critical for the economic outlook of any country. With this context, according to the experts concerned, the federal government  has envisioned  optimizing the utilization of  […]

A look at Information Technology and Telecommunication Sector 

Engineering Post Report Information Technology has become  a crucial facilitator  in the development of a knowledge society  and knowledge economy, playing a significant role in the country’s economic  progress. The federal government was actively pursuing the “Digital Pakistan Vision” to promote a digital economy, leading to economic prosperity and empowerment of citizens. It aims to enhance the quality […]

Importance of transport and communication sectors in national economy growth

Engineering Post Report Transport and communication sectors  play a pivotal role in the growth of the services sector as well as also in the overall  economy of a country. Considering that well-developed infrastructure facilitates  domestic  commerce and international trade, there has been an enhanced focus on investment in these  sectors.. For this very reason, modernization  of […]

Study conducted to enhance SMEs economic efficiency 

Engineering Post Report The .Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP)  has conducted an extensive study  titled ” Enhancing  Economic Efficiency  of SMEs in Pakistan” identifying  barriers  to competition and formulating recommendations for improving  the economic efficiency of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country. The study was based on data from 50 Financial Institutions, 18 […]

Emphasizing creation of employment opportunities for youth 

Federal Government’s priority for creation of employment opportunities

Engineering Post Report Uplifting and including  the under-privileged  youth  by significantly  increasing  opportunities  for  their education  and training  and enhancing their employability  through skill development is of paramount significance and a pressing need of the hour. Therefore, prioritizing  the state investment in young people could be an effective  enabler for turning Pakistan’s youth bulge from a […]

Number of new initiatives planned to be launched during 2023-24

Engineering Post Report The new Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) of the Federal Government just recently launched consists of a large number of 1262 ongoing and new schemes  of 40 Ministries and Divisions. However, no information was immediately available from official sources concerned  as to how many of  the development schemes were expected to be completed […]

NHA plans to launch 50 new development schemes during financial year 2023-24

Engineering Post Report National Highway Authority (NHA) working under the Communications Division of the Federal Government  plans to launch as many as 50 new major and minor  development schemes during the new financial year 2023-24. These  new development schemes are estimated to cost Rs 802926.754 million including foreign aid of Rs 58240.430 million. Under the Public […]

How long it takes to establish Engineering Faculty at an International University?

Engineering Post Report The Higher Education Commission  is engaged in executing a large number of  minor and major development schemes as well as launching new schemes. Among others, the Commission is engaged in  the  Establishment of  Engineering Faculty at  Gilgit and Skardu Campus  of Karakoram  International University Gilgit for  the last about 8 years. Pace of […]