Advancing Pakistan’s Power Transmission with IMS Electric

Miftah Ur Rehman Manager HV Systems at IMS talks to Engineering Post

IMS Electric, led by Miftah Ur Rehman, is a trailblazer in the field of High Voltage (HV) systems, offering invaluable expertise and solutions to the power sector in Pakistan. With over two decades of experience, Miftah brings a wealth of knowledge and insights from his previous roles at Siemens, PEL, and international experience in Australia, making him an ideal choice as Manager HV Systems at IMS Electric.

During a recent exclusive conversation with Engineering Post he said “Having worked on numerous 500 KV projects, I understand the intricacies of power transmission and the critical role it plays in Pakistan’s energy landscape,”

At IMS Electric, the focus is on Substation control, protection, automation, as well as system design and execution. Miftah elaborates, “Our team is driven to ensure the highest standards of efficiency and reliability in the power transmission process.”

IMS Electric’s manufacturing setup, coupled with skilled labor and readily available facilities, allows them to provide services promptly, setting them apart from other companies. Additionally, their partnership with Schneider Electric provides a strategic advantage, bolstering their capabilities further. To meet the certification requirements of government entities, IMS Electric is in the process of completing educational orders which on completion lead to certifications from government entities. “As we step into the market, our experienced team and strong backing ensure a smooth entry into the sector,” affirms Miftah Ur Rehman.

With teams spread across different regions, including Lahore and Karachi, IMS Electric is well-positioned to serve diverse utilities like NTDC, other utility companies and K-Electric. Miftah expresses optimism, saying, “Our presence in various parts of the country strengthens our reach and fosters closer partnerships with utilities.”

The HV sector’s scope in Pakistan is continuously expanding, driven by the country’s growing energy demand. Miftah points out, “As energy generation increases, the need for robust transmission infrastructure becomes more critical as it has been ignored ion the past.” Additionally the previously installed distribution systems have become obsolete with time and need to be upgraded as well which translates to a huge scope especially in the transmission sector of the country.

Recognizing the importance of a reliable power supply, Miftah stresses, “Quality, reliability, and security of power must be prioritized. We are committed to working towards enhancing these aspects in Pakistan’s power transmission systems.”

During the conversation while talking about the recurring blackouts in the country Miftah Ur Rehman suggested that we need to start focusing on problem mitigation to avoid blackouts and prioritizing improvements in the distribution sector. “Efficient distribution networks play a vital role in ensuring smooth and regular power supply to consumers. We have seen multiple blackouts in the last couple of years. This needs to be worked on by the authorities.” he said Under the visionary leadership of Miftah Ur Rehman, IMS Electric is poised to revolutionize Pakistan’s power transmission sector. With a seasoned team, a focus on excellence, and a commitment to quality, IMS Electric is ready to make a lasting impact on the country’s energy landscape. As they work in harmony with government entities and utilities, Pakistan’s power infrastructure is set to undergo significant advancements, meeting the nation’s energy needs with utmost efficiency and reliability.