Interview of MD NESPAK Dr. Tahir Masood

Q. 1. First of all our heartiest congratulations to NESPAK on completing 50th year of its dedicated services. How do you see this momentous period?

Ans. 1

Thank you very much for your greetings on NESPAK completing the 50th year of its establishment. All of us in NESPAK are indeed very grateful to the Almighty Allah for His blessings that we have successfully moved on to the momentous 50th year of NESPAK. All these years have nevertheless been very challenging and difficult however with courage and determination, we have continued to march forward and achieving greater successes each year on the projects undertaken by NESPAK at home and abroad and also won the appreciations of all our Clients.

Q. 2. When you joined NESPAK and how your journey is going on in NESPAK, kindly tell us in detail?

Ans. 2

I joined NESPAK first in 1984 till 1997 and later served on key positions in other high profile international engineering organisations like M/s Balfour Kilpatrick Limited. On July 17, 2018, I took charge of NESPAK as its Managing Director. Overall I have 39 years of experience in corporate management, project management, geotechnical, hydro & thermal power engineering and dams. Before assuming the charge of NESPAK, I was serving as the Chief Executive Officer of M/s Berkeley Associates (Pvt.) Limited, a renowned consulting engineering company.

Q. 3. Kindly highlight NESPAK as a leading engineering consultancy in Pakistan

Ans. 3

NESPAK is indeed recognized as a leading engineering consultancy in Pakistan. With a rich history spanning over five decades, NESPAK has played an instrumental role in the development and progress of the nation’s infrastructure. There are several key factors that make NESPAK a leading engineering consultancy in Pakistan. NESPAK’s extensive expertise, diverse service offerings, impressive project portfolio, national and international presence, commitment to quality, contribution to national development, and collaborative approach collectively establish it as a leading engineering consultancy in Pakistan.

Q. 4. What is your vision for NESPAK in the international scenario?

Ans. 4

Our vision for future is based on constant growth and development to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world and its environment in step with the requirements of the times. NESPAK has steadfast faith in its vigorous corporate strategy for business promotion and acquisition. During the last year, NESPAK has submitted a total of 46 proposals for projects in 10 different countries. Moreover, NESPAK is vigorously pursuing its business expansion strategy in the Middle East and other parts of the world. A total of 21 proposals have been submitted in Saudi Arabia alone, where a revolutionary project of NEOM is underway. NESPAK is also going to sign a major project in the State of Qatar, whose modalities have almost been completed. Quite recently, NESPAK has also acquired a project in Bahrain in the energy sector, which is a major breakthrough. So far, NESPAK has been rendering services in 9 countries which include Afghanistan, Bahrain, Jordan, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Uzbekistan.

Q. 5. What revolutionary steps needed for re-organisation of NESPAK?

Ans. 5

The reorganization of NESPAK requires a series of revolutionary steps to enhance its effectiveness and adaptability in the ever-evolving field of engineering and infrastructure development. Firstly, a comprehensive assessment of NESPAK’s existing structure, operations, and systems is crucial to identify areas for improvement. This assessment can be followed by a strategic plan that aims to streamline processes, enhance transparency, and promote innovation within the organization. Implementing a robust talent acquisition and development program are essential to attract and retain top engineering professionals, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth. Furthermore, embracing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, and digitalization can revolutionize NESPAK’s project management, design, and consultancy services. Collaboration with national and international partners, including academia, industry experts, and research institutions, is vital to access cutting-edge knowledge and promote knowledge exchange. For this purpose, a dedicated Research and Development cell is already operational at NESPAK.

Q. 6. Despite the fact that NESPAK is a government owned enterprise, what is the secret of its survival?

Ans. 6

The secret to NESPAK’s survival, despite being a government-owned enterprise, lies in its ability to maintain a strong reputation for excellence, professionalism, and technical expertise. Through its failsafe HR policy, NESPAK has developed a system that promotes top management from within the organization on the basis of merit, contributing to its continued success. Moreover, NESPAK has effectively overcome the challenges associated with a government ownership structure by upholding the highest standards of performance and quality in its engineering services. The organization has a proven track record of delivering successful projects both domestically and internationally, earning the trust and confidence of its clients and stakeholders.

Q. 7. What steps are being taken for economic betterment of staff?

Ans. 7

You better know that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a major economic recession worldwide back in 2020 and Pakistan was no exception. Amid the economic recession, many corporate entities faced significant challenges. This resulted in business closures, staff layoffs, and salary reductions. However, NESPAK emerged as a commendable example by navigating the economic hardships differently. NESPAK chose not to lay off its staff or reduce their salaries, opting instead for a pragmatic approach that facilitated the organization’s recovery process. Moreover, efforts are being made to increase income and reduce expenditures by various means.

Presently, NESPAK is actively pursuing a policy of recovering pending payments from its various clients, which plays a vital role in its financial rebound. Additionally, NESPAK is dedicatedly exploring overseas business opportunities especially in the Central Asia and Africa. To ensure the economic well-being of its employees, NESPAK provides competitive salaries and offers performance-based incentives such as promotions and honoraria to recognize the talents of its workforce. Furthermore, comprehensive benefits packages, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks, contribute to the job satisfaction and financial security of NESPAK’s staff members.

Q. 8. Kindly give an overview of NESPAK’s role in corporate social responsibility?

Ans. 8

NESPAK, as a responsible corporate entity, understands the significance of contributing to society beyond its core business activities. NESPAK actively engages in various initiatives as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. One of the key contributions of NESPAK is its association with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

NESPAK actively supports the PEC in the accreditation and certification processes for engineering programs and institutions. NESPAK promotes and encourages its employees to participate in CPD activities.

NESPAK’s team of engineers contributes their technical expertise and experience to the PEC’s various committees like Price Adjustment Committee, working groups, and task forces. NESPAK also collaborates with the PEC on engineering projects of national importance. Other CSR measures include, a linkage between NESPAK and academia through its R&D cell, which jointly work on academic and corporate sector researches. NESPAK also offers internships to graduates from reputed universities and rewards talented position holder students with scholarships and medals.

Q. 9. What are the challenges in the growth of NESPAK?

Ans. 9

While NESPAK has made significant strides in its growth and development as a leading consulting engineering company, it has faced certain challenges along the way. One of the primary challenges for NESPAK is the realization of its fee/receivables. An indefinite delay in the recovery of receivables causes a colossal loss to the company operations. Another challenge is the competitive landscape in the engineering industry. As the demand for engineering services grows, there is increased competition from both local and international firms.

Despite these challenges, NESPAK has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, leveraging its expertise, reputation, and commitment to excellence to overcome obstacles and continue its growth trajectory in the consulting engineering sector.

Q. 10. We have heard that NESPAK has set a new Division called New Ventures Division (NVD). Will you please brief us about its role?

Ans. 10

The New Ventures Division of NESPAK plays a pivotal role in the organization’s quest for growth, diversification, and innovation. This division is responsible for identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities, both within Pakistan and internationally. By conducting comprehensive market research, the New Ventures Division stays attuned to emerging sectors, industry trends, and client demands. The New Ventures Division contributes to NESPAK’s strategic planning process by providing insights into new market prospects, potential risks, and areas for growth. By exploring international expansion opportunities and embracing technological advancements, the division ensures NESPAK’s sustained relevance and success in the new fields like renewable energy, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, oil and gas, green building projects etc.

Q. 11. How many projects have been completed in various fields since its inception?


Business-wise, the last fifty years have been very successful. NESPAK rendered services on over 4466 projects at home and abroad with a cumulative cost of Rs. 24,798 billion thus yielding a revenue of Rs. 178 billion up to February 28, 2023. The year 2021-2022 was another successful year for NESPAK. The total fee contracted during this year was Rs. 14.66 billion out of which foreign share was Rs. 460 million. NESPAK contribution to the national exchequer has also increased substantially in the form of taxes and dividends.