Financial resources are the byproduct of the best customer services

Engineering Post is a prime newspaper of Engineering covering all sectors including contractors, consultants, architects, builders, textile, sugar, cement, pharmaceutical and fertilizer industry with many more. We are the only publication with such a largest circulation all across Pakistan from north to south. We humbly claim that all sectors in engineering are covered through our circulation.

Engineering Post is probably the first journal in the history of Pakistan which carried 32 annual advertising campaigns in its very first issue. This was the level of trust from all sectors of engineering on the management of Engineering Post, especially on its Founder and Managing Editor, Mr. Khawaja Zeeshan Haider, who had been in the publication industry from more than 20 years. He is a business graduate from IBA, Punjab University and a hardworking, dynamic and enthusiastic business icon. Because of his management skills and novel ideas, Engineering Post in a short span has become the market leader in engineering publications with biggest ever advertising support from the engineering industry.

Engineering Post is the only engineering publication from Lahore/Punjab which is covering more than 100 cities across Pakistan in all four provinces. Quality and authenticity of editorial contents is what makes it unique from all others in the field. Engineering Post has introduced new culture in the profession and we always feel proud when the others try to follow our footsteps.

The Team matters the most. The Team Engineering Post comprises of the best human resource of the profession, a key element that took us to the no. 1 position in the industry.

We believe in the kind of customer services where the customer/advertiser is promoted in so many different and unique ways that they should feel proud to be doing business with us. Therefore, we are the proud ambassadors of biggest no of engineering brands in Pakistan.