Crescent Corporation and Smart Climate Solutions partners with Copeland for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Crescent Corporation and Smart Climate Solutions have recently announced their collaboration with Copeland and now Crescent Corporation will offer air conditioning, compressors and control accessories and Smart Climate Solutions (Pvt) Ltd will serve the clients with refrigeration solutions. Mr. Imran Aslam and Mr. Ahsan Aslam from Crescent Corporation and Smart Climate Solutions are actively involved […]

Jubilee Corporation: Striving To Raise Awareness on the Significance of Installing Lightning Protection System

Offering Lightning and Surge Protection Systems, and Earthing solution with IEC compliant tools

Protecting lives and structures from the harmful effects of lightning strikes is important. As the monsoon season approaches, the need for a reliable and effective Lightning Protection System (LPS) becomes increasingly evident. Jubilee Corporation (JC), in collaboration with DEHN, offers a comprehensive solution for lightning protection, ensuring the safety of human lives, industrial systems, and […]

Ahmad Enterprise

An HVAC & Solar Solution Company ALL PRAISES TO ALLAH ALMIGHTY – To whom we remain grateful as HE made us able to drop these lines. We also start with our gratitude for all our clients whose continuous support had enlightened us to start and continue our business journey. AHMAD ENTERPRISES, was formed in 2017, […]

Linchpin of societal development and economic growth

Engineering Post Report Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) are globally recognized  as the linchpin of societal development  and economic growth. Official  sources concerned on being contacted said that  recent global developments have reaffirmed the significance of STI for its far reaching dividends. Cognizant of the STI importance, the federal government has also placed the idea of […]

TAPI gas pipeline mega project hangs in balance for over 8 years 

Engineering Post Report Pakistan and Turkmenistan have at last signed the TAPI Joint Implementation Plan only in the second week of June 2023  which has been hanging in the balance  for the  last more than 8 years.. This  great regional initiative of  mega gas pipeline project was floated by Manila, the Philipines, headquartered  Asian Development Bank (ADB) […]

A look at Industrial Sector performance 

Engineering Post Report One of the  three key and important sectors of the national economy , Industrial Sector, failed  to come up to the expectations and achieve the planned target  and was hit the  hardest with around 3 percent contraction during FY2023. The industrial sector comprising four  key sub-sectors i.e. manufacturing, electricity, gas and water supply, mining and quarrying  […]

Guidelines for Fast Track Solar initiatives

Engineering Post Report In order to accelerate transformation of electricity usage and installation into solar energy on priority basis in the public sector and also in the private sector , the federal government has appropriately  approved the Framework Guidelines  for Fast Track Initiatives  2022 recently  for promoting and developing cost-effective local renewable  energy sources in the country. Primarily, […]

Transformation and turning around of Pakistan’s economy

Engineering Post Report At the heart of the transformation and turnaround of Pakistan’s economy lies the vision of a Digital Pakistan. The advantage of having a young and abundant human  capital base positions Pakistan to convert  this resource into one of its most valuable assets. The continuous growth of Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) industry has resulted in a US $ […]

IT, Human Resources and Skill Development 

Engineering Post Report For developing  a human capital pool for Information and Communication Technologies industry and increasing the labour  pool  available for Information Technology (IT) /Information Technology enabled Service (ITeS) companies in the country, Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) has initiated various programmes  in order to produce more and more  trained and certified IT Professionals. […]

Pakistani workers proceeding abroad for employment in large number

Engineering Post Report Pakistani  workers were proceeding abroad for employment and exploring better chances for living and  as many as more than 12.4  million Pakistanis  had proceeded  abroad  seeking jobs  in more than 50 countries around the globe  through official procedure as of December 2022. More than 96 per cent of Pakistani registered workers  for […]

Information Technology sector posted limited grow during last fiscal year

Engineering Post Report Telecommunication sector remained a significant  source of revenue generation  for the national exchequer during the last fiscal year. The Information T technology sector contributed Rs 327 billion to the national exchequer during the period under report, according to the official  sources. The IT sector posted an appreciable growth of 6.6 percent  in the last financial year but […]