Offering Lightning and Surge Protection Systems, and Earthing solution with IEC compliant tools

Jubilee Corporation: Striving To Raise Awareness on the Significance of Installing Lightning Protection System

Protecting lives and structures from the harmful effects of lightning strikes is important. As the monsoon season approaches, the need for a reliable and effective Lightning Protection System (LPS) becomes increasingly evident. Jubilee Corporation (JC), in collaboration with DEHN, offers a comprehensive solution for lightning protection, ensuring the safety of human lives, industrial systems, and public facilities.

A lightning protection system is critical for mitigating the risks associated with lightning strikes and induced electrical surges. The LPS safely intercepts, conducts, and disperses the high lightning current to the earth termination system. Investing in the design and installation of an LPS is a small price to pay compared to the potential damages that a single bolt of lightning can cause.

Offering the Lightning Protection System by DEHN for safety against lightning strikes, Jubilee Corporation adopts the IEC EN BS 62305 standard as the basis for designing the Lightning Protection System. This globally recognized standard outlines the optimal protection measures required to establish a dependable lightning protection system. The design process entails a comprehensive risk assessment, taking into account the unique characteristics of the structure and its associated services.

JC ensures full support from the risk assessment and design of LPS (backed by IEC-compliant tools) to providing supervision throughout the installation process.

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