Crescent Corporation and Smart Climate Solutions partners with Copeland for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Crescent Corporation and Smart Climate Solutions have recently announced their collaboration with Copeland and now Crescent Corporation will offer air conditioning, compressors and control accessories and Smart Climate Solutions (Pvt) Ltd will serve the clients with refrigeration solutions. Mr. Imran Aslam and Mr. Ahsan Aslam from Crescent Corporation and Smart Climate Solutions are actively involved in this partnership, putting in dedicated efforts to ensure its success.

Javed Rasheed, Regional Head, Copeland Compressors, spoke to Engineering Post and expressed his confidence in Crescent Corporation as a distributor. He highlighted the state-of-the-art warehouses maintained by Crescent Corporation for efficient stock management, making it an excellent choice for distribution purposes.

Both companies organized well attended seminars at Lahore and Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel, recently following this collaboration. Both the events were attended by a galaxy of HVAC professionals and industrialists.

The partnership between Crescent Corporation and Copeland Compressors signifies a promising step towards ensuring reliable availability of HVAC solutions to customers across Pakistan. By leveraging their expertise and resources, the two companies aim to provide effective and sustainable solutions to the customers. As the collaboration progresses, it is anticipated that the joint efforts of Smart Climate Solutions and Crescent Corporation will contribute significantly towards improving the access of customers to high quality HVAC products like Copeland compressors.