TAPI gas pipeline mega project hangs in balance for over 8 years 

Engineering Post Report

Pakistan and Turkmenistan have at last signed the TAPI Joint Implementation Plan only in the second week of June 2023  which has been hanging in the balance  for the  last more than 8 years..

This  great regional initiative of  mega gas pipeline project was floated by Manila, the Philipines, headquartered  Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 2015, seemingly  a bridge between South Asia and Central Asia and was taken up by four countries Pakistan, Afghanistan and India besides Turkmenistan..

The regional  connectivity gas pipeline, as and when completed through active participation, cooperation, and honoring of commitments by the partnering countries for the  welfare and well-being of their people, will supply the natural gas from Turkmenistan’s Galkynysh Gas Field  through Afghanistan into Pakistan and  then to India’s Fazilka area.(Eastern Punjab).

Construction on the project  in Turkmenistan was  for laying of  the pipeline was inaugurated on December 13, 2015,  work on the Afghanistan section  began in February 2018   and it was followed by launching of the work in Pakistan in December 2018. No information was immediately known in this regard as so for as India was concerned. Once operational hopefully in due course of time despite being delayed for pretty long period, the TAPI project will transform the regional energy landscape contributing to economic prosperity.

The TAPI pipeline was likely to carry  33  billion meter of natural gas per year. The 1814 kilometers long gas pipeline stretches  from Galkynsh , the world’s second largest gas field on to Indian city of Fazilka near Pakistan’s border via Afghanistan. Please keep your fingers crossed ad pray for early completion of this important project despite its being inordinately delayed for varying known and known reasons.