Trina Solar’s Vertex N Module Passes RETC Thresher Test with Flying Colors

RETC, a leading independent test laboratory for photovoltaic and renewable energy products, recently issued its Extended Reliability Test Report, and it showed that Trina Solar’s Vertex N module passed its thresher test, demonstrating excellent performance.

RETC, based in Fremont, California, tests industry-leading module technology and provides the industry with data that helps stakeholders and developers choose high-quality modules. RETC’s thresher test is two to three times more rigorous than that of the IEC standard. The test modules were randomly selected among n-type modules from Trina Solar’s base in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, for tests including for PID, LeTID resistance, DH, SDML composite load and TC600 thermal cycle.

Trina Solar’s Vertex N modules performed exceptionally well, particularly for PID, LeTID and DH2000. RETC’s PID test is twice as rigorous as that for IEC. Trina Solar’s two testing modules have degradation of just -0.59% and -0.53%. Vertex N modules show degradation of just -0.87% and -0.96% in RETC’s DH2000 test, which indicates a duration of exposure of 2,000 hours – twice the duration typically required for product certification. After the LeTID test, which involves exposure to 75℃ for three 162-hour cycles, Vertex N modules produce degradation of -0.09% and -0.17%. The Vertex N module has power output of up to 700W. This module, which combines i-TOPCon Advanced technology and 210mm technology, and in addition to lower degradation increases bifocality to 80% and delivers higher efficiency and better energy yield, maximizing customer value with lower LCOE.