NHA plans to launch 50 new development schemes during financial year 2023-24

Engineering Post Report

National Highway Authority (NHA) working under the Communications Division of the Federal Government  plans to launch as many as 50 new major and minor  development schemes during the new financial year 2023-24.

These  new development schemes are estimated to cost Rs 802926.754 million including foreign aid of Rs 58240.430 million. Under the Public Sector Development Programme ({PSDP). NHA has been allocated Rs 42724.386 million  including foreign of Rs 1400.000 for launching of  these new schemes.

Out of these 50 new schemes, 20 schemes have already been approved at the appropriate level of Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC), Central  and Departmental Development Working   Committees while another 30 schemes are under process and as such yet to be approved at the appropriate level and still listed in the new schemes to be launched during financial year 2023-24. Feasibility studies of 10  schemes listed under the head of new scheme are also to be carried out. Feasibility studies of these schemes have been approved by the Departmental Developmental Working  Committee  Some new development schemes are also planned  to be launched under Public Private Partnership  (PPP) mode. Further important major details in this regard will be presented as and when these become available from official sources concerned, please.