How long it takes to establish Engineering Faculty at an International University?

Engineering Post Report

The Higher Education Commission  is engaged in executing a large number of  minor and major development schemes as well as launching new schemes.

Among others, the Commission is engaged in  the  Establishment of  Engineering Faculty at  Gilgit and Skardu Campus  of Karakoram  International University Gilgit for  the last about 8 years. Pace of HEC implementation of a development scheme can well be judged.

The scheme was approved by the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) in March 2015 for execution at an estimated cost of Rs1203.398 million involving no foreign aid. According to the information available  from the official document , an estimated expenditure of only Rs 705.000 million had been incurred till end June 2023. Against throw forward cost of Rs 588.398 million, only Rs 250.000 have been allocated for is continued implementation in

a phased manner meaning that it will only be completed in ten years if all goes well. There are many such examples of slow moving projects of the Higher Education Commission out of which those pertaining to engineering, information technology and technical education will be mention from time to time  show how fast is the HEC is in implementing its large number of development schemes at the slowest possible pace.