Federal Government’s priority for creation of employment opportunities

Emphasizing creation of employment opportunities for youth 

Engineering Post Report

Uplifting and including  the under-privileged  youth  by significantly  increasing  opportunities  for  their education  and training  and enhancing their employability  through skill development is of paramount significance and a pressing need of the hour. Therefore, prioritizing  the state investment in young people could be an effective  enabler for turning Pakistan’s youth bulge from a liability to an asset.

The federal government has launched  various programmes and projects  with an allocation of Rs 6089.80 million through Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2023-24 which aim  at bridging the demand-supply  gap in the labour market in  line with  Vision 2025 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) .

Accordingly,  due importance and priority  is being focused  on providing quality skill development development,  creating  gainful employment  opportunities, promoting meaningful  engagement, ensuring good mental  and physical  health, and fostering marketable  skills among youth, empowering them  for taking  informed decisions for their well-being. In order to create more job opportunities  and providing a decent  work environment, the federal government  plans to prioritize  various sectors of the economy such as construction,  agriculture, tourism, renewable energy, services sectors, and small  and medium enterprises(SMEs)  with special focus  on high tech and high-end trainings . Through prioritizing these sectors, the government  hopes to equip the youth with  the expertise  needed to make maximum contribution  to the country’s economic growth and development.