Importance of transport and communication sectors in national economy growth

Engineering Post Report

Transport and communication sectors  play a pivotal role in the growth of the services sector as well as also in the overall  economy of a country. Considering that well-developed infrastructure facilitates  domestic  commerce and international trade, there has been an enhanced focus on investment in these  sectors..

For this very reason, modernization  of infrastructure and regional connectivity has been a priority  area of the federal government as envisaged in the Pakistan Vision 2025. The government has not only focused on increasing  bilateral and  multilateral cooperation in this area  but also a significant  part of the development portfolio was earmarked  every year for investment in the sector.

According to the World Bank’s Logistic Performance Index (LPI) 2018, a measure  of a country’s  ease to move  goods with speed and reliability, Pakistan ranked at 122nd  position amongst 160 countries with other regional  countries i.e. India and Bangladesh occupying  44th and 100th positions respectively. This showed  that the country needed to upgrade  its efforts to improve  logistic services, transport and trade related  infrastructure. Recent floods and ensuing damages  to the communication  facilities have posed  serious challenges additionally  and have also created  an urgency  for establishing  a reliable and resilient infrastructure in the country  in a planned and priority basis at the earliest possible. Laying emphasis on the significance of developing  efficient transport and communication systems and highlighting  the government’s efforts in realization of this pursuit,, a brief overview of the country’s air, road, rail maritime, postal and broadcasting networks will be presented separately as well as briefly on these pages in the months to follow, please.