UAF will design Bio-gasification plant

The Vice Chancellor of University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) Dr. Muhammad Ashraf has said that UAF scientists will design a bio-gasification plant in which low-priced electricity will be produced by using solid waste and biomass in order to promote alternative ways of energy.
While visiting Postgraduate Agricultural Research Station (PARS) UAF, He directed experts to create a model by using sewerage slug to produce biogas for 50 houses. Similar model are being used in many developed nations. Alternative sources of energy like wind, bio energy and bio fuel need to be applied to meet the energy demand in the country.
He also directed the university experts to come up with innovative ideas to address the issues of farming community and society, Agriculture is the backbone of economy that contributes 20 percent to the Gross Domestic Product, and employs 45 percent of labour force. He said that the university had paced up efforts to produce the tangible research work that will bring betterment in the lives of the farming community and people.