NEECA goes forward with Green Hydrogen Policy

The National Energy Efficient and Conservation Authority (NEECA) has been putting their steps forward for the further development and stability of Green Hydrogen Policy for Pakistan. NEECA has prepared a concept note and has requested assistance on technical issues from the international development partners. United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) has shown interest in increasing further 14 million dollars funding for clean hydrogen.

The pre- feasibility study on Pakistan Green Hydrogen Energy was initiated earlier this year and has been completed with the help of technical assistance from Asian Development Bank (ADB). It has been stated that the government of Punjab has already received and investment interest of nearly $4.3 billion for this project with an offering cost of 1.2 dollars per kilogram, rendering the project a huge landmark and increasing positive expectations greatly.

The key objectives of the framework with the international development partners include (i) conducting a comprehensive assessment of RE potential of Pakistan particularly in terms of solar and wind resources suitable for green hydrogen production; (ii) analyzing the current policy landscape and Regulatory Framework related to RE and Hydrogen in Pakistan identifying gaps, challenges, and opportunities for integration of Green Hydrogen; (iii) engaging relevant stakeholders including Government Agencies, private sector entities, research institutions and civil society organizations to ensure inclusive and participatory policy development; (iv) formulating policy recommendations and guidelines for promoting investment , research and development infrastructure development and market mechanisms to accelerate the adoption of Green Hydrogen Technologies; (v) building institutional capacity and expertise within government agencies responsible for energy planning, regulation, and implementation to effectively implement and monitor the Green Hydrogen Policy and Framework.

Due to increased reliance on the fossil fuels for the production of energy, non- renewable sources of energy have been increasingly depleting as well as being a cause for extreme harm to the environment of this region which makes the feasibility of a clean and renewable energy source extremely necessary for the country. Hydrogen fuel, being extremely compatible with the atmosphere as well as a very positive source of energy, can help lower and ultimately finish the lack of energy in the country and it’s consequences.