Two new energy projects approved by CDWP

Two new development projects worth 7.87 billion rupees have been approved by the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) during a meeting which was presided over by the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission, Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan.

The commission approved the revised energy sector project named “construction of 220kV Transmission Line (28km) along with 2nd Circuit Stringing of 132kV Transmission Line from Jiwani to Gwadar (94km)” which costs a total of Rs4,540,010 million which will be financed through PSDP.

It was further stated in the meeting that QESCO aims to provide an energy system that is free of faults and high voltage, with losses maintained to a minimum and low expenditure. The project proposed involves construction of 132kV (AIS) grid station Jiwani. A 132-kV Line Bay facing Jiwani–Gwadar Circuit. 132kV (AIS) grid station Gwadar (old) one 132-kV Line Bay facing Gwadar (old) – Jiwani Circuit. Transmission Line: 1. 220/132kV Transmission Line from GABD to Jiwani (zero Point) (30 KM) (NTDC Portion) Construction of 2nd Circuit Stringing of existing 132 kV SDT Jiwani – Gwadar (old) Transmission Line (94KM) (QESCO Portion).

Another project that was discussed in the meeting was named “Gravity Based Safe Drinking Water Supply System in Havelian Abbottabad Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa” costing Rs 3,336.20 million. The sponsor for the project is said to be the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government and it’s scope includes (i) land acquisition, construction of approach roads, utilities such as water supply, electricity etc; (ii) design of water supply system; (iii) construction of water supply system;(iv)provision of equipment for operation of water treatment plant;(v)capacity building for the personnel of water supply system; and (vi) Strengthening of research and policymaking capacity on water supply system.