Turkish and Pakistani HVACR Industry can grow together

Mr. Sajjad Haider, Chairman HVACR Society, Lahore Chapter talks to Engineering Post

Mr. Sajjad Haider is the CEO of Khurshid group of Companies and also working as the Chairman of HVACR Society Lahore chapter. HVACR Lahore Chapter has flourished under the leadership of Mr Sajjad because of his resolute commitment and untiring efforts. While talking to Engineering Post, he explained how they have worked for the HVACR society. “After I took over as chairman we started with motivating people to get membership of the society and successfully got more than 200 new enrolments. Another important addition was the initiation of technical presentations which were conducted by PhD scholars of different universities. These scholars prepared technical presentations on the latest technologies and innovations being used in the market

Another important step was the activation of Sub office in Faisalabad to accommodate the people living in the peripheries and away from main cities. Due to this initiative we will able to reach out to Jaranwala, Chinyot, Toba Tek Singh, Chichawatni, Multan and others. This sub office worked very diligently to accommodate people to their level for example, a very basic issue we were facing was the change in refrigeration gases being used. Their effects mechanism of charging and the side effects were clearly explained to the people there. Then the second very common issue is the rapidly changing technology which is now shifting towards inverters which was also explained through technical presentations

Just recently the whole HVACR expo was booked online in one hour. This phenomenal achievement has months of hard work in its background. Mr. Sajjad revealed that he personally travelled to Karachi and met exhibitors there to convince them to participate in the Lahore expo. Moreover he launched an awareness campaign on Whatsapp and e-mail. ”This time we had added another hall to the expo. And all three were booked in one hour Alhamdullilah” said Mr. Sajjad.

HVACR society is also working to ensure international participation in the expo. For this they will be visiting the international expos like RHVACR in Thailand (25-28 Sept), ISK-SODEX Turkey (2-5 Oct) and the Big 5 expo, Dubai. The leaflets and invitations will be distributed in these expos to create awareness and

He mentioned how the HVACR society has inked an MoU with the Turkish agency ISIB for cooperation. “We have assured them of our support for launching their products in Pakistan. Recently a company called System air approached us. They were looking for a distributor for their company and they asked us to nominate someone and we arranged meetings for them. We facilitated them completely.”

Commenting on how Pakistani Govt, can support the HVACR society of Pakistan he gave the example of Turkish government which is sponsoring 30 people, from Pakistan to participate in the ISK-SODEX. He suggested that “Government of Pakistan should also take similar steps not on such a large scale but at least on a smaller scale.”

In his concluding comments he extended an open invitation to people of engineering sector. He said “A lot of people in Pakistan want to start their businesses with Turkey whether it is in the domain of technology transfer, manufacturing or anything else. There are a lot of people ready to start their businesses with Turkey but do not have platform where they can put their point across the table. For those people I want to extend an open invitation to join the panel of Pakistan HVACR society. We can organise your meetings with potential manufacturers and buyers. If you are interested we can also arrange B2B meetings with prospective buyers”