Mr. Mian Ahsan Ali from Power Zone providing some valuable insights about generators and other Power backup solutions

Power Zone Engineering & Services is a company dedicated to providing innovative Engineering solutions for its customers. For this purpose we keep on, enriching our technical knowledge each year with the latest technology applicable in the field. For the last decade, Power Zone Engineering and Services has been involved not only in providing Power backup solutions, but we have also well-equipped research lab with optimum solutions for its prestigious customers.

Mr Mian Ahsan Ali, Managing Director Power Zone while talking with Engineering Post said that by being a dynamic and growing business, Power Zone engineering has created a vibrant environment for its people and associates. “By meeting customer’s needs and challenging our people, our vision becoming preferred and the most influential power partners in Pakistan.” Overall the generator and power backup market is worth $23 billion globally. This shows the huge potential of this business.

While discussing the future of the company, Mr. Ahsan revealed that Power Zone engineering is now also involved in alternate energy solutions including solar and biomass that is, generation of electricity by utilising organic waste.

Pakistan is currently going through an economic squeeze and every business in the country is feeling its impact including the generator business. “Power backup is an essential requirement for every business so as soon as thing take a turn for the better, the business will be revived,” At this critical juncture, the government needs to support the businesses by making the process of export easy and transparent. “China has incentivised the process of generator export by providing 70% rebate to the company within 7 days. Our country needs to work by taking similar steps”, he commented.

Power Zone Engineering is the exclusive dealer of Cummins diesel generators. Earlier the products were imported and assembled in Pakistan but now the company has drastically improved its production facility to easily compete in the international market. Mr Ahsan revealed that “within one year our product will be totally manufactured in Pakistan”. We are importing a laser cutting CNC machine of the highest quality which will be used to manufacture a superior quality product”.  These improvements will ensure the manufacturing of a product compliant to the international standards.

Quoting the example of Lebanon he said that “Currently Lebanon is doing the most work in the generator industry. They are the stockists of more than 50 thousand engines and alternators which they are assembling in Lebanon and  catering for the African and Middle East market,”  This is because they have 0% duty on the export of CKD items which has helped them to capture the whole Africana and middle east market. Many Korean manufacturers are based out of Lebanon only due to this reason.  If similar policies are introduced in Pakistan by the legislative authorities, it could provide a boost to the export sector of Pakistan.

Mr Ahsan said that previously we were given the facility that we used to pay 5% duties on the import of CKD units. This was removed by the previous government and since then no relief has been provided by anyone. “This year we prepared a proper requisition and sent it to the association of all the OEMs that as we are adding value in Pakistan we have hundreds of people on our payroll. Instead of importing CKD unit we are ensuring that manufacturing and fabrication is done locally. At least we should be provided with some relief by the government”. This requires serious and timely consideration by the administrative and legislative authorities.