IMS Engineering growing brilliantly even during economic crunch

A Candid Conversation with Engr. Shoukat Ali Hassan, Head of T&D Division Pakistan and Branch Manager IMS Electric, Lahore

IMS Electric is one of the few companies in Pakistan which has progressed at a remarkable pace since its inception and now planned to serve the nation by becoming a No Limit EPC Contractor of Power Transmission & Distribution Networks. The company is providing world-class services in Pakistan and has plans to further expand its reach outside of Pakistan in the field of Power Transmission and Distribution business. IMS also acquired the Heavy Electrical Complex last year, which is one of the most advanced electrical manufacturing facilities currently available in Pakistan with respect to 132KV Power Transformers.

Engineering Post had the opportunity to have a candid conversation with Engr. Shoukat Ali Hassan who is currently working as the Head of the T&D Division of IMS Engineering Pakistan and Branch Manager of IMS Electric Pvt Limited North Region. Engr. Shoukat Ali Hassan has vast experience in the field of Power Transmission and Distribution Networks for the last 27 years and has executed many Grid Station up to 500KV and 132KV Transmission Line projects on a turnkey basis in the private sector as well as NTDC/DISCOS Networks. His portfolio includes six years of international experience in turnkey projects business as well.  

During the conversation Engr. Shoukat Ali Hassan revealed that currently IMS is engaged mostly in private sector projects and has plans to increase its market share considerably as soon as the economic situation of the country stabilizes. The current political and economic instability in the country has squeezed the marketplace and almost all the investors are waiting for the situation to stabilize before investing in new ventures. Even during such tough times, IMS Group has been one of the few companies which are consistently executing projects. While commenting on the situation Engr. Shoukat Ali Hassan revealed “although the situation is tough for everyone we have very good progress on our new initiatives. This initiative of IMS Group will open a new window of opportunity in the field of manufacturing Control and Protection Panels. Similarly, we are also working on selected EPC projects for grid station business keeping in view the economical situation of the country. The administrative setup of IMS is based in the southern region of Pakistan including its manufacturing facility and corporate office. But the hierarchy and management setup is designed in such an efficient way that the Branch Manager/HOD can directly call the CEO of the company to get his consent or approval without any hesitation. Moreover, we arrange regular visits of our Sales and Marketing Engineers to the manufacturing facility where they can meet and discuss face-to-face with manufacturing, design, project management, and procurement departments colleagues to enhance the collaboration among team members to increase the business success.