Electric Gears Corporation targeting international standards for manufacturing

Mr. Aamir Iqbal shares his vision with Engineering Post

Electric Gears Corporation (Pvt) Ltd is one of the futuristic companies in Pakistan all set to revolutionise the electrical industry of the country. The company was established as a Private limited in 2019 and has since been working on the production of materials used in electrical industry which are corrosion free, fire proof and have no risk of shorting or electrocution.

Engineering Post had an exclusive conversation with Mr. Aamir Iqbal, Director, Electric Gears Corporation (Pvt) Ltd who explained the vision and future prospects of the company “At Electric Gears we are solely focused on producing corrosion free products using fiber glass. In coastal areas the foremost problem which leads to decreased life of the product is corrosion and rust. Our product is chemically different from metal but is just as strong and more reliable which means that the life of the plant will be increased which uses Fiber glass,” he explained.

The company is currently involved in producing, Service brackets, Rods, Pipes and panels for switchgears. In the future the company plans to manufacture electric poles and streetlight poles made up of fiberglass which can be utilised by the utility companies in Pakistan “Currently the poles that are installed in Pakistan are imported and are made up of metals. Just a few years back we witnessed the horrific electrocution of many people on Pakistan due to heavy rains and stagnant water on roads. By using poles made up of polymer not only the danger of electrocution can be avoided by it will also decrease load on our imports,” explained Mr. Aamir Iqbal. Once the poles start getting manufactured in the country the company is planning to move towards exporting their product to neighbouring countries as well “The economy of the country is only going to survive if we immediately move towards exports. As corrosion and rust is a problem in all coastal regions we will be targeting those places for our export ventures like different African countries as well as countries in the gulf region,” he revealed.

Electric Gears Corporation (Pvt) Ltd is known for never compromising on quality of the product and never providing under spec product to their customers. As the economic situation of the country stabilizes and things get a little under control Electric gears will start applying for international certifications which will further enhance their chances for export based venture. Naturally this strict adherence to quality comes at a cost “Our product due to its strict quality compliances is 25-30% higher in cost than the conventional metal products. But if you factor in the increased life of the product it balances out. Companies that are focused on reliability and longevity never negotiate with us on price,” said Mr. Aamir Iqbal The company has deployed their product in many iconic projects in Pakistan including Saima builders, Askaries, DHA, Malir Cantt housing scheme and others “Wherever there is an underground electrical system our product is utilised. In local business we are focusing on the development of Gwadar as our major source of business because the potential use of our products there are massive. In addition to that we will also be focusing on international export orders,” he said.