Leading in Fire Fighting and HVAC Sectors

MyTech Engineering targeting export based expansion in the future

Munawar Hasan, CEO MyTech talks to Engineering Post

MyTech Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd is one of the renowned HVAC and firefighting equipment distributor in Pakistan. It is placed in one of the few companies which are truly focused on providing premium quality products in the country. MyTech Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd deals with Fire protection, Air Conditioning & RO Plants and all aspects of Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) projects solutions.

The company deals in renowned brands including Lifeco, UK for which MyTech Engineering are the authorized dealers in Sindh. They are also engaged with the Turkish Ecotronics as well as FM200 and Novec 1230 systems. MyTech Engineering is one of the few companies which are providing the Vesda smoke alarm which detects smoke actively rather than passively which is a much safer option for avoiding fire incidents.  The company has been working in the market differently since the beginning. Instead of following the conventional business practices MyTech has always tried to introduce the most innovative technologies in Pakistan

The company has been a part of many monumental projects in Pakistan and they also have experience working outside Pakistan with foreign clients. Some notable projects covered by MyTech Engineering include Quetta safe city, Penta square Lahore, OGDCL Islamabad tower, General Tyre head office, Dow hospital OPD building Sindh Madrassa tul Islam, Kathor University and many more. The quality of work and equipment delivered by MyTech Engineering has been the sole reason for the success of the company in such a competitive market.

Engineering Post during a recent conversation with Mr. Munawar Hasan, CEO MyTech Engineering asked about the scope of firefighting and fire safety services in Pakistan and its awareness in the general public. “In Pakistan the awareness about fire safety is marginal at best. People want to install the cheapest equipment with minimum expenditure,” he said. This is surprising considering the losses we have seen due to fires in recent years the most prominent one being Hafeez Center fire “People spend the most amount of money on luxuries and the least amount of attention is provided to fire safety which usually results in catastrophes,” he added. MyTech Engineering with its futuristic vision has grasped the importance of locally manufactured products for the survival of businesses and the economy of the country as a whole. It is one of the few companies which is actively working towards shifting the import based business model to an export based one. Mr. Munawar Hasan during the exclusive conversation with Engineering Post revealed that his team has decided to work in collaboration with international companies with the objective of increasing the exports of Pakistan. “We realize that the locally manufactured products cannot compete in the international markets. In this regard MyTech Engineering is collaborating with a Turkish company to initiate international quality compliant manufacturing in Pakistan and work toward exporting it to Saudia, Qatar, Iran, Afghanistan and other countries in the region,” he said. The vision of MyTech Engineering is futuristic as well as based on the reality of business conditions in Pakistan and will not only benefit the company but the country as well.