Haroon Impex providing premium quality plumbing materials since 5 decades

Haroon Impex was established in 1986 as part of a family owned business group.  The aim is to search new technologies and latest developments in Plumbing industry and to provide import based services to construction industry. The commitment to quality has enabled Haroon Impex to get a respectable reputation in the market as a company which does not compromise on quality and seriously considers timely deliveries to clients.

Use of high end plumbing is extremely important during the construction of a building, if the plumbing materials used are of below par quality it will affect the life and overall quality of the building. The color, Fa├žade and even structure of the building oftendestroys due to a faulty plumbing system.

Haroon Impexis importing Standard PPR Plumbing (heater joint) since 2009 and has the distinction of being the pioneers in import of Sound Proof Sewerage Pipes in 2016.Piping technologies of PPR-CT for water supply and HT-PP for sewerage were introduced in Pakistan by Haroon Impex, and are still one of the most sought-after products in the construction sector. All productsare made with the latest technologies and provides better quality options for architects and engineers to create long-life and low-maintenance designs for high-end projects including Hospitals, Hotels, high-rise towers, luxury apartments, and residences.

Haroon Impex is their authorised dealer of world renowned Swiss brand GEORG FISCHER in Pakistan covering international warranties for the brand as well as after sales services. Keeping true to the legacy of introducing the most innovative and state of the art technological systems in Pakistan, Haroon Impex plans to introduce the GF HIClean which is another newly developed plumbing system. This will be a one of a kind addition to the Pakistani market and ensures water hygiene in the complex design buildings such as hospitals, high-rise towers, hotels etc.