IEEEP’s Annual Multi Topic Symposium

The Institution of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Pakistan (IEEEP) held its 33rd Annual Symposium on 14-15 March at PC hotel Karachi.

The Symposium was inaugurated by Engr Jawed Salim Qureshi who in his speech lauded the efforts of IEEEP and congratulated them for serving the engineering community for more than 3 decades. He emphasized the need for promoting engineers to higher cadres in the bureaucracy and change the service structure to accommodate more engineers as they are the cream of nation and have the ability to confront and solve the most complex challenges facing the nation. He referred to other countries where Engineers were serving as ministers and contributing to the progress of their countries.

Engr Qureshi also outlined the improvements that were brought about by PEC to facilitate Pakistani engineers and streamline rules and regulation providing maximum benefit to local companies and Pakistani engineers.

Dr. Kaiser Bengali in his keynote address lamented the direction in which the economy was going. He said local industry was being ignored and there is ever increasing reliance on imported goods. He criticized Afghan Transit Trade and expressed same apprehension about trade in CPEC.

Engr Irfan Ahmed chairman IEEEP Karachi chapter in his welcome address said that this international symposium is a snap shot of recent local activities in the electrical and electronic engineering fields with a look into future concerns. He said the engineering community is losing sense of fraternity within itself .He emphasized the need to create a general understanding within the engineering community that institutional work always create a win win situation for everybody involved.

IEEEP is the largest body representing electrical, electronics and all its sub-disciplines like telecommunication, bio-medical, avionics, computers, controls, mechatronics etc. in Pakistan. IEEEP Karachi Centre conducts monthly technical seminars, yearly student’s seminar for encouragement of students and a Multi Topic International Symposium every year.

The highlight of the concluding session was a “Life Time Achievement Award” conferred on Engr Khalid Iqbal. Amidst thunderous applause senior engineer Sibte Ahmed Jafri conferred the award on Engr Khalid Iqbal. Speaking on the occasion Engr Khalid said that he was thankful to all those who supported his nomination. He also thanked all his colleagues who supported his efforts throughout his career. He dedicated the award to all his mentors and gave a message to the audience to never ever give up in life but to continue even if you are convinced it is all over.

The session concluded with passing of resolutions which included the following. It is resolved that Pakistan Engineering Council should provide appropriate service structure to engineers such as already existing for doctors and bureaucrats.

The local manufacture of renewable energy equipment must be encouraged and supported by all possible means including suitable legislative cover.

IEEEP together with Academia should provide a platform to generate opportunities for startups as entrepreneurs.

Institutions like IEEEP should be involved in formulating electricity/energy policies by government agencies.

Energy conservation and efficiency should be given utmost importance. More seminars should be held by institutions like IEEEP supported by stakeholders to create general awareness.

Universities should invest in proper tools to train engineering students in the field of energy planning and asset management

Bilateral cross border electricity trade should be planned and promoted rigorously by relevant government agencies.