Descon holds CEO communications sessions

LAHORE: Descon Engineering, a premier EPC company in Pakistan conducted their biannual CEO communications sessions to further their foundation of trust and open communication. These sessions were carried out across all Descon operations in Pakistan and overseas.

Carried out in March & May, the event was opened by Ahsan Qureshi, CHRO who further passed it on to Abdul Razak Dawood, CEO. Speaking on the current situation and future plans of Descon, the intention was to keep all the employees aware of the progress made in the last year.

Awareness on filters of Talent Assessment Programme (TAP), a biennial activity conducted to assess the leadership potential of current employees was also included in the event where the CEO talked about the 9-box grid and Descon Talent Management Process (DTMP).

The 9-box grid is a succession planning and employee development tool used in the Talent Assessment Programme in the form of a grid that places employees in different boxes based on their performance and potential.

As part of this discussion, the process of identifying TAPPERs, employees who make it to the 9-box grid based on meeting several internally defined assessment criteria, was also discussed.