Jubilee Corporation sponsored procom 2018 & campus recruitment drive at fast-university (nu)

The Jubilee Corporation, leaders in Electrical, Electronics and Automation & Controls Technology sponsored and participated in Procom 18, Scheduled on March 21st and 22nd.
The FAST-NUCES’s signature event PROCOM, held annually as one of the largest educational events in Pakistan, bringing students from leading academic institutions to test their technological mettle and to put forth ostentatious display of skills . Job fairs, engaging seminars and competitions in several disciplines of engineering and arts, are arranged to put academia and industry on a single platform.
Jubilee Corporation, serving for more than 55 years, dealing in more than 34 brands, product categories including Medium Voltage Dry Type Transformers & Automatic Voltage Regulators, Low Voltage Switchgear System, Insulated Busways Trunking System, Instrumentation, Pneumatics & Controls Technology and External Lightning & Surge Protection, the company values talented graduates that can navigate through new and innovative technology, and work with the company to take it to new heights.
A campus recruitment program was also conducted by Jubilee’s HR & Marketing Team at the event. The company believes that the strong on campus presence give organizations a better chance to recruit the top tier talent coming out right from universities, benefiting both the employer and organization in retaining growth.
The company also regards such platforms as a bridge to fulfill the gap between academia and what’s in the field. Sponsoring this kind of events is a step forward to inspire youth to participate in constructive activities and ultimately fights economic straits, speaks the manager marketing, at the event.
The company has also decided to hold series of informative seminars on career development, technology trends and their own portfolio of products, in different universities, to foster a better understanding of what is in the field for graduates after passing out from university. Also, the close interaction with fresh and competent graduates passing out will help company to work with energetic talent and develop their team.