Beta Pipes introducing innovative Solar Heating Technology by SOLE, Greece


Mr. Abdul Basit, Director Business Development in conversation with Engineering Post

Shafisons Engineering (Private) Limited (SSEPL) has been a major player in the market since its inception in 1994. For the past 25 years, Beta Pipes has stayed true to its commitment of providing reliable and efficient solutions to all its customers. Keeping with its tradition of introducing innovative services and products in the market, Beta pipes is introducing the solar water heater and air conditioners in the Pakistani market.

The product is manufactured by a Greek company SOLE which has been working in the solar industry for more than 45 years now providing its products all over the world. Some of their notable achievements include installation of solar water heaters at Burj Khalifa in Dubai UAE.

Mr Abdul Basit Director of Business development Shafi Sons Engineering while talking to Engineering Post said, “Beta Pipe focuses mainly on providing water management solutions for industry and its infrastructure development. In this aspect management of water and removal of waste water is one of the most important features of our work. Our partnership with SOLE will enable us to provide an innovative product in the Pakistani market which is of the highest quality,”

One of the most unique features of this product line is that the technology is patent and the parent company is compliant with international standards. SOLE solar system manufacturers will not only provide solar water heaters but also the exclusive range of Solar pool heating and solar space heating and cooling facilities in Pakistan. “We have planned to launch the product line of SOLE at the HVACR Expo Lahore 2019,” said Mr. Basit “Initially we will focus on larger setups like industries and commercial units and gradually we will expand our services to farm houses and small houses in the city” he added.

While commenting on the expected price range of the products he explained that “We ask our customers to pay attention to the return on investment (ROI) factor. Striving for the cheapest products can never give you a reliable and quality product,” he said. It is expected that SOLE will introduce its products in the market at competitive prices but will not try to be the cheapest player in the market. Beta Pipes will provide awareness about this new product to all the potential customers for maximum market penetration.

Beta pipes is also collaborating with SOLE for technology transfer through engineers and skilled workers of Pakistan and Greece. Under this project local engineers from Pakistan will work synergistically with the Greek engineers for training and capacity building.

Beta Pipes is known for never compromising on quality and the company is hopeful that due to the extensive use of this product the market penetration of SOLE will be extremely  successful.