Construction industry can bring prosperity to the Pakistan


Engr. Hammad Zafar, Chairman, Reliable Engineering Services talks to Engineering Post

Construction industry can turn the economic crunch into prosperity with congenial government support to this sector having unmatched human resource. Engr. Hammad Zafar, Chairman, Reliable Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd said this during an exclusive conversation with Engineering Post. Construction industry should formally be given the status and all the rights as industry and it can change the fate of the nation. Engr. Hammad Zafar is a man with extra ordinary experience on various infrastructure projects all across Pakistan. This charismatic gentleman has some great ideas to develop housing and other infrastructure by revitalizing and uplifting the construction industry. From Metro bus to Metro train, from critical road projects to huge bridges, from multistory buildings to complex drainage projects and from irrigation to transportation projects, Engr. Hammad Zafar and Reliable Engineering Services is known for high quality works with professional approach using sound technical skills.

Established in Feb 2011 by a group of 3 engineers, Reliable Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd is a multi-disciplinary construction company with its head office at Lahore. The company is registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in “No Limit” (C-A) category. The company has diversity of discipline and expertise in multiple construction projects. It has won various contracts after competitive bidding in the Roads, Highways, Bridges, and Transportation, Irrigation and Water & Sewerage sectors in Pakistan and have completed the same.

Replying to a question regarding the role of construction industry, Engr. Hammad commented that around 50 industries are directly linked with construction activity. If government supports the construction industry, it can bring the kind of changes that can take Pakistan to new heights in accordance with the current government’s vision. Construction industry is one of the major sources of offering employment to the people of Pakistan as it is the only industrial sector which engages both skilled and non-skilled workforce, he commented.