SWC push Industries to install waste treatment plants

KARACHI: Sindh Water Commission (SWC) In the second week of September announced that no Industrial Unit would be allowed to operate without the installation of a septic tank and a treatment plant for the treatment of water containing industrial waste before its release.

Former Supreme Court judge Justice Amir Hani Muslim was heading the one man judicial commission looking into the matter. The proceeding was attended by many owners and representatives of industries located in SITE, Super Highway, Orangi and Landhi areas.

The Comission Directed them to install septic tanks and treatment plants within two months or face closure as no Industry in Sindh would be allowed to run without a treatment plant. The commission noted that the released industrial water can mix with drinking water and pose serious threats to human lives. “Should we leave our children to drink the water of the industry?” Justice Hani remarked.