Punjab Govt. for revival of Cottage Industry

Punjab government has decided to revive the cottage industry of the province. Punjab Minister for Industries and Trade Mian Aslam Iqbal said that the cottage industry will be reinitiated across all 36 districts of the province. This task would be initiated as a pilot project in 10 big cities of the province before final launch. The government has also given timeframe to brick kilns so that they can convert to zigzag technology.
In Pakistan, cottage or household industries hold an important position in rural set-up. Most villages are self-sufficient in the basic necessities of life. They have their own carpenters, cobblers, potters, craftsmen and cotton weavers. Many families depend on cottage industries for income.
Cottage industries have also gained immense importance in cities and towns. There is a great demand for hand-woven carpets, embroidered work, brassware, rugs and traditional bangles. These are also considered important export items and are in good demand in international markets. The cottage industry can help the country’s economy by increasing exports and generating foreign revenue.Currently the government ie taking the following measures to support the cottage industry of Pakistan.

1. Establishment of industrial estates.
2. Providing marketing facilities.
3. Setting up of technical service centers.
4. Establishing handicraft development centers and carpet centers.
5. Providing per-investment counseling and guidance to newcomers.
6. Providing local and foreign loans to small industry owners on easy installments.