OLMT 20 stations handed over to Chinese contractor

Out of the 24 elevated stations of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train, Grey structures of 20 have been handed over to Chinese contractor CR-NORINCO for electrical and mechanical works and track laying.

Khawaja Ahmad Haassan, chairman of the steering committee for Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project (LOMTP), disclosed this during a weekly progress review meeting held at Lahore.

He also disclosed that one set of train, comprising of five cars, manufactured in China, has been transported to the Shanghai Port for shipment to Pakistan.

On the occasion, concerned officials told the meeting that civil work on available area along package-I had almost been completed.

Work on the underground GPO station and some other points will start after the vacation of restraining order. Moreover, the construction work on package–II, from Ali Town to Chouburji, was moving on satisfactorily.

Khawaja Ahmad Haassan directed CR-NORINCO to increase workforce for to speed up the work. Every station should be treated as an individual project and separate deadlines should be fixed for completion of work on every station, he added.