Orange Line Metro Train Fully automatic, needs no driver

Using a commercial speed of 35km per hour for covering the end to end journey in only 45 minutes, Lahore Orange Line Metro Train will be fully automatic which will operate without a driver. Khawaja Ahmad Haassan, Chairman of the steering committee for project disclosed this during the weekly progress review meeting held in mid-August.

He further told the meeting that one set of train has been loaded in a ship at Shanghai Port of China and it was scheduled to reach Karachi by September 15 and Lahore by the end of next month. The meeting was also told that civil works of the two high voltage sub-stations for supply of electricity to trains at Multan Road near Shahnoor Studios and GT Road near University of Engineering and Technology were now in final stages and both the stations will be operational by mid of next month. Haassan directed the concerned officials that every train station should be treated as an individual project and a special task force should be deputed at every point for speedy execution of civil as well as E&M works besides fixing separate deadlines for completing work on every station. On the occasion, Deputy Mayor Nazir Khan Sawati, Chief Engineer LDA Asrar Saeed, General Manage Operations Punjab Mass Transit Authority Syed Uzair Shah, Chief Engineer TEPA Saif Ur Rahman, General Manager NESPAK Salman Hafeez, senior officials of LESCO, WASA, PTCL, SUI GAS, Traffic Police, Railways, Rescue 1122, Civil Defence, Chinese Contractor, CR-NOROINCO, representatives of Chinese engineering consultant and local contractors of the project attended the meeting.