NUST, the First Pakistani University with 500 filed and more than 100 awarded patents


National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) has become the first Pakistani university to cross the figure of 500 filed and 100 awarded patents – NUST stands aloft with its intellectual property soaring high in numbers with 501 patents filed and 109 awarded.

NUST has also been spearheading the transfer of university R&D and new technologies to the industry, virtually joining the league of 4th generation HEIs the world over. Since 2018, NUST has transferred 5 technologies with 12 Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) to industries in domains including Health, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, etc.

The transfer of these IPRs has not only geared up indigenous manufacturing in the country but also facilitated import substitution and savings to the national exchequer, as well as availability of products to Pakistani consumers at much lower prices than imported ones.

It also merits mention that apart from becoming a permanent stream of revenue generation for inventors and the university, the growing number of awarded patents has contributed to NUST’s enhanced standing among the global varsities as well as improving Pakistan’s innovation index.