NETLINE to work on NEOM city and other projects in Saudi Arabia

A candid conversation with Managing Director Mr. Umair Zavary

NETLINE (PVT) LTD is a renowned name in the field of Solar Power Solutions. The company has grown exponentially in the past two decades and is about to become one of the first local manufacturers of solar panels in Pakistan.

Founded by Engr. Iqbal Zavary in 2002, NETLINE has since become an iconic name in the solar power industry of Pakistan. Recently, Netline has also signed a MoU with the Saudi power giant Tamheed Energy for executing solar projects in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Engineering Post Team had a detailed exclusive discussion with the Managing Director of NETLINE, Mr. Umair Zavary regarding the history of the company and the scope for future projects. During the discussion he also gave a brief timeline about how the company came into being “My father, Engr. Iqbal Zavary has the honour of installing the first UPS in Pakistan in 1984. Moreover the first solar panel was also brought to Pakistan by my father in 2007,” he revealed. NETLINE (PVT.) LTD. has worked on many iconic projects all across Pakistan including Power purchase agreement with Gymkhana club Lahore, 1MW project for educational institutions as well as complete solarisation of 16 emergency response units in the rural areas of Punjab.

When NETLINE was established in 2002, it became the distributor of small UPS and Cummins generator in Pakistan. In 2007, NETLINE announced the establishment of its solar department and at the same time initiated their partnership with the Socomec Company which was one of the largest UPS manufacturers in the world. “Our first solar installation was at Sukkur University where students required solar panels for their R&D that 5kW panel basically inaugurated the solar department of Netline,” said Mr. Umair Zavary.

NETLINE (PVT) LTD has come a long way since then. Their recent MoU with Tamheed Energy incorporated is a proof of their technical capabilities in the field of solar power. Senior Board Member of Tamheed Energy Mr. Aamir Khan, visited Netline office personally to sign the MOU agreement and exchanged documents with the Managing Director Mr. Umair Zavary of Netline Group. While commenting on it Mr. Umair Zavary said “International players prefer Pakistani companies because our engineers are technically more sound and experienced in the field of solar power. This will prove to be a significant opportunity not just for our company but for Pakistan as a whole. We will be involved in designing as well as executing solar projects in Saudia Arabia especially for the NEOM city being built there,” he said. In addition to working internationally NETLINE (Pvt) Ltd is also planning to create more employment opportunities here at home. Economic experts in the country are emphasizing on decreasing dependence on imports and start local manufacturing of products and NETLINE (Pvt) Ltd is going to do just that. The company is planning to become the first local manufacturers of solar panels in Pakistan. “We have partnered up with a Turkish company in such a way that our manufacturing plant will be based on technology transfer. Our vision is to help create a whole industry of solar panel manufacturers in Pakistan producing export quality products to be exported all over the world,” said Mr. Umair Zavary.