Jamali Metal Mart The place for quality Copper, Brass and Bronze Products

A candid conversation with Mr. Adnan Tambawala, CEO, Jamali Metal Mart

The art of handling metals is one of the ancient skills and requires extreme levels of technicality for proper handling and usage. There are very few companies in Pakistan able to handle such a delicate task and Jamali Metal Mart is one of them. With a team of experienced workers and knowledge based working style, Jamali Metal Mart is the stockholder and supplier of all forms of Copper, Brass and Bronze as well as many other metals. The company is scientifically equipped so that whatever alloy, grade, shape, size or specification a customer requires can be made without a hitch.

Engineering Post recently had an exclusive conversation with Mr. Adnan Tambawala, CEO, Jamali Metal Mart. During the conversation he explained the diverse field of metal alloys and how his company manages to be one of the top metal suppliers in Pakistan. “Jamali Metal Mart was established in 1990 by the founder Juzar Tambawala as a separate entity although it has been the family business for more than 100 years. We work with Copper products as well as copper alloys including brass, bronze and others. We have the capability to create any alloy as per the requirement and specification of the customer,” he said. Copper and its alloys are used extensively in many different industries including Electrical, Medical, and Switchgear etc. Many tools are also manufactured using only copper and its alloys. “Some spare parts of machines are also made from bronze which we have the capability to make,” he added

Jamali Metal Mart is known in the market for their high quality product as well as extremely good customer retention. With a plethora of satisfied customers in the country the company is gaining grounds from south of the country towards north. When asked about the secret for their successful customer retention, Mr. Adnan Tambawala said “We have a rule that we always deliver the product according to the commitment. Once an order is finalised we follow it to the dot and do not divert from it in any way whatsoever. This has helped us retain customers over the years because they trust us to follow through with our commitments,” he said.

Another very interesting issue raised during the conversation was pivoting towards manufacturing in Pakistan. Many companies are moving towards manufacturing already while others are planning to do it soon. When we asked Mr. Adnan Tambawala about any of his plans for moving towards local manufacturing he raised a very technical point “We are already dealing with locally manufactured as well imported copper. The difference comes in the quality. The imported copper is very high end and is used for a separate segment while local less pure copper has its own importance and is used for a separate segment, so both have their equal demand and market importance,” he explained. In conclusion, Jamali Metal Mart is a company that is well-equipped to handle the challenges of the metal industry. With a team of experienced workers and a commitment to quality, the company is poised to continue its success in the years to come. By delivering on its commitments and understanding the unique requirements of its customers, Jamali Metal Mart is set to remain one of the top metal suppliers in Pakistan.