Mobile industry facing serious shortage of raw materials and components

Engineering Post Report

The mobile industry in the country is facing  serious issues and problems of shortages of raw materials and components  and inability to open letters of credit (LCs) which if not immediately addressed at the appropriate level of thee government for resolving these then it is feared  the industry may face  a complete shutdown including   China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) based assembling unit Transsion Tecno Electronics.

Seeking immediate intervention for revival of the mobile manufacturing  industry on war footing basis the industry concerned people have informed not less a person than Prime Minister  Shehbaz Sharif that Transsion Tecno Electronics  and as many as 30 other  mobile  phone manufacturing units including global brands Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO, Nokia,Tecno, Infinix and Itel were facing  acute shortage of raw materials and components as well as inability  to open the letters of credit since January 2023 which had adversely  impacted  the industry with serious threats of halting the business activities  and resultantly massive rise in the  unemployment. 

Tanssion Tecno Electronics was a joint venture  between China and Pakistan. It had started  production in early 2019 as an initiative under CPEC Phase 11 B2B cooperation.The company was producing 300000 smartphones  per month and provided employment to  12 Chinese managers, 400 Pakistani engineers and 2500  male and female  employees.

 According to  the mobile phone industry sources,  the industry needed  USD 100 million per month to stay afloat at even just 50 per cent capacity and continue to retain some 35000-40000 direct and indirect employment opportunities it had created.