Three solar energy plants planned to be set up in Punjab

Engineering Post Report

The federal government  is actively planning to install three solar energy  power plants in Punjab province in Layyah, Muzaffargarh and Trimmu with a total production capacity of 1200 MW.

The federal government, according to the information available from the official sources concerned has already approved as a framework as a policy matter to give preference to generating power from solar sources instead of using  costly imported fuels for generating power in the country.

As a matter of policy decision,  all new power generation projects in the country as such are going to be based on wind,hydel and nuclear sources as the price of  solar and wind energy is around 50 to 60 per cent less than that of other fuels.

Till the last year, solar energy in the national energy index was   only 1.4 per cent  with an installed 600 MW as compared to Hydel 24 .7 per cent, RLNG  23.8 per cent, RFO 14.3 per cent, Coal   12.8 per cent, Gas  8.5 per cent, Nuclear 8.8 per cent, Wind 4.8 per cent and Bagasse 0.9 per cent.

The sources said that the federal government has already launched a National Solar Energy Initiative for generation of about 12000 MW on priority basis in the country.