Pakistan exports to Afghanistan on upward trajectory

Engineering Post Report

Pakistani’s exports to the neighboring country of Afghanistan continue to show an upward trajectory which is indeed an encouraging sign with regard to the  country’s overall exports which are somewhat declining  due to various factors.

According to the available figures,  exports from Pakistan to Afghanistan have  increased by about 32 per cent  to $ 658 million during the  first 8 months of July to February outgoing financial 2022-23 as compared t0 $500 million in the corresponding period of the previous final year.

On the other hand, imports from Afghanistan into Pakistan  have also increased by 24 per cent to $ 675.01 million  during the period under report of the current financial year as compared to $ 544.17 figures of the first 8  months of the previous fiscal year/.

Briefly speaking , exports from Pakistan to Afghanistan, avoiding details for want for space, include tractors, motorcycles, tarpaulin and tents, pharmaceutical products, rubber products, food preparation  items, cement, electrical products, aluminium products. However,  exports of fruit and vegetables, milk and cream, cereal groats and meal, iron and steel and essential oils have declined in varying ratios during the period under report.