PR successfully continues its operations to retrieve land from illegal occupants

Engineering Post Report 

Pakistan Railways  are quite successfully continuing operations  for retrieving  its land  from the illegal occupants/land grabbers across the country.

Railways own 167690 acres of lts land across the country out of which  90326  acres are in Punjab,30428 acres  in Sindh, 28228 cres in Balochistan and  9708 acres in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (LPK).

During its various   anti-encroachment  operations and campaigns from time to time, Railways has been successful in retrieving  961 acres of land worth Rs 23406 million in different parts of the country  from illegal occupants, land grabbers of its land.Out of the retrieved Railways land,  around   480 acres were in Punjab, 331 acres in Sindh, 139 in KPK and only 24 acres in Balochistan.

Efforts were continuing, according to the Ministry of Railways sources,, to retrieve  another about  5180 acres in Sindh, 3287 acres in Punjab, 832 acres in KPK and  687 acres in Balochistan from its encroached land from the illegal occupants.

Pakistan Railways had launched its anti-encroachment operations sometime back on the directions of the apex court, Supreme Court of Pakistan.