Middle East has great potential for Pakistani businessmen

Mr. Ziaul Islam, Managing Director, Fico Hitech(Pvt) Ltd, Talks to Engineering Post.

Fico Hitech (Pvt) Ltd is consistently representing the Pakistani flag at world renowned, Middle East Electricity expo at Dubai from last many years. Mr. Ziaul Islam had a special discussion with Engineering Post regarding export of engineering services and products. He is strongly of the view that Middle East is looking for more and more Pakistani companies to open up there. On the basis of his experience representing Pakistan at Middle East, he said that over the years more inquiries are being generated for Pakistani companies for their products and services. He insisted that Pakistani companies should dare to come in front to take the benefit of growing business demands for Pakistani companies at the Middle East. According to Mr. Zia, the changing conditions of the gulf actually bring in opportunities for the Pakistani companies.

Replying to a question, he said that they are in contact with TDAP to sponsor local companies for booking their stalls at Middle East Electricity Expo. He showed the firm intentions to place a Pakistani Pavilion there from the next year with a few more companies on the shelf from Pakistan. Mr. Zia commented that initially we started placing stall at Middle East Electricity expo simply in the love of country. As our only goal was the name of our country and flag at the expo. But, in the due course of time, we have started negotiating some very serious business through this expo as well. He informed that many companies come to our stall and ask for providing the products we do not manufacture. If more manufacturers from Pakistan display their products, they can surely have reasonable business and recognition from the globe.