Manufacturing of Low voltage Switchgears, N.B Industries successfully made a mark in the field

N.B.I aims at Total Quality Management and fully satisfying their customer’s requirements through a process of continuous improvement. We understand that Total Quality management is not a short term program, it’s a long term commitment aimed at continuously improving the way they work, providing a safe selection/retention, said Mr.Mohammad Javaid, CEO, while talking to Engineering Post. For N.B.I Quality is not just another goal, it is their basic strategy for survival and future growth.   Having served the Local market for over three decades, N.B. Industries (Pvt) Ltd. has successfully made a mark in the field of manufacturing of Low voltage Switchgears. He said that the main ingredient has been Quality & Innovation all through the process.    All the processes starting from fabrication to Powder paint & wiring is done under one roof and none of the work is outsourced in order to ensure the quality of the product at every stage of production, Mr. Javaid added.  Mr. Farooq Javaid, Director N.B.Inds said that over the years we have increased our product range from a Distribution Board to complete solution for L.T switchgear system to meet the specific requirements of our Industrial/Commercial & Domestic clients.  Emphasizing on the quality features he further told that with immense stress on quality of our processes we aim at moving modestly but steadily for which We have attained the status of an ISO 9001 Certified organization. From the selection of materials through manufacturing to final inspection, processes & products are monitored to meet the most stringent quality requirements.   Mr. Farooq highlighted that N. B Industries have rightly blended cutting edge technology with value engineering to provide our customers a flawless product at competitive price. It is through this ceaseless effort of the Management, staff and constant support from our clients that we are able to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves, he added.  Replying to a question regarding safety and protection Mr. Farooq said that at NBI, safety & protection of our personnel & environment is paramount. Operational safety & health policy is in place, which ensures that every process & personnel is working under a safe & healthy work environment.  Product Line Includes:   1.Low Voltage Switchgear 2.Distribution Boards  3. Motor Control Center 4. P.F.I Panels. 5. Synchronizing Panels 6. L.V Substations 7. Desk Type Work Stations 8.Data Cabinets 9. AMF/ATS panels 10.Tubular Poles. 11. Cable Trays/Ladders & Accessories 12. Lightning Protection/ Earthling products 13.Switch Boxes 14. clamps/Saddles 15. Roof Hooks And various other electrical products 16. Meter Panels 17. HVAC Control Panels 18. Earthing Products  19. Miscellaneous Items    A brief list of the various sectors where NBI products are being used International Projects   1. Afghanistan National Police District HQ Compound 2Jaji, Afghanistan 2. Afghanistan National Border Police Unit Facility Durbaba, Afghanistan  3. Afghanistan National Border Unit Facility Mazaar Sharif, Afghanistan 4.     Barracks for U.S Army Kabul Afghanistna  5. Afghan National Hospital, Torkham 6. Aquina Project, Afghanistan   Power Sector: 1. M/S Japan Power Station, Raiwind Road, Lahore  2. M/S Bhikki Power Station, Sheikhupura 3.          Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission 4.M/S Monno Energy 5. M/S A.E.S Lalpir 6.M/S Uch Power Plant DeraMurad Jamali 7.Textile Sector 8.Pharmaceutical Sector 9.Building Projects  10.Commercial Plazas  11.Housing Sector  12.Telecommunication Sector  13.Petroleum Sector  14.Paper & Board Mills 15.Educational Sector 16. Hospitals & Medical Center 17. CNG Sector 18.  Departmental Stores  19.Local & International Food Chains  20.Recreational Projects  21.Paint Factories  22. Banking Sector  23. Sugar Mills 24. Rice & Oil Mills 25.Cement Sector  26. Control Sheds &Hatcheries.