MACS 12 Held in Karachi

College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS) at the Institute of Business
Management (IoBM), Karachi organized its 12th consecutive International Conference on
Mathematics, Actuarial, Computer Science and Statistics (MACS 12). This Conference invited
papers related to the contemporary trends and issues in the fields of Computer Science,
Management Science and Media Science. In this regard, scientists, industry experts, researchers,
academicians and research students from around the world presented original research initiatives
at MACS 12.
Senior Faculty members from renowned Universities attended the conference and presented their
research. Some of the topics included were SC Performance, Block chain technology Document
Classification, E-commerce application, IoT and Smart Agriculture. Research papers included
Hadoop Parameters in SDN-enabled Clusters, Neural Network Framework to Predict Drone
Strikes in Pakistan, Indoor Positioning Applications based on different Technologies, Virtual
Reality in Multiplayer Carrom Game with Artificial Intelligence, Pakistan General Election
2018: Predictive Power of Social Media, Gini’s Mean Difference for Data with a unit Standard
Deviation and many others.