Larkana Sub station to face price hike of Rs 645 million


Due to the depreciation of rupee against US dollar the cost for the project of establishment of Sub station at Larkana has been pushed up by Rs 645 million. The total cost approved for the project was 5.804 billion which has been increased to Rs 6.449 billion.

In July this year, project cost was recommended to be around Rs.5.921 billion by calculating the dollar-rupee party at Rs 141.16 against one dollar. However, an upward trend in dollar against local currency pushed up the cost further, surpassing the recommended cost of CDWP in July 2019.

The main objective of the project is construction of 220 kV Larkana Grid Station along with associated transmission lines to meet additional load demand & voltage profile improvement of SEPCO (Sukkar Electric Power Company) area.

The scope of work includes 220 kV substation at Larkana with three 220/132kV, three 250 MVA transformers along with allied equipment and accessories. Also, a 220 kV D/C transmission line (approx. 65 km) on twin bundle Rail conductor from proposed 220 kV Larkana to 500/220/132 kV Shikarpur substation and extension at 500/220/132 kV Shikarpur substation (Two 220 kV line bays).

According to official documents, the project would be implemented in four years and government has allocated Rs 200 million for it in the 2019-20 Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP).