Lahore Chapter will set new standards by following the footsteps of seniors

Mr Sajjad Haider, Chairman, Lahore Chapter HVACR Society,

Talks to Engineering Post

  • Where do you think HVACR Lahore chapter is standing and what measures you are taking towards improvement?

I and my team have been handed over the management of the Lahore Chapter by an Outgoing Chairman who was a very progressive person and who has set standards of work. We intend to take it a step further by implementing certain procedures and build a system and set examples of these procedures, where each and every member can be a witness to the progress being made. In sha Allah.

  • Cricket gala proved to be a huge success, are you planning a few other activities like this to further improve member’s connectivity?

Yes, as said earlier programs have been scheduled so that members take full part and show their activity.

  • Do you feel the need of opening new chapters?

Progress can only be achieved by taking roots to the core, and that can only be achieved by inducting new chapters. As previously a sub office in Faisalabad was inaugurated and we see an opportunity of a chapter there in near future.

  • What measures are being taken to improve membership?

My team is working very aggressively and has inducted new members from Sialkot and Sahiwal, and hope to have new members from Multan, Gujranwala soon In sha Allah.

  • How do you take the technical presentations being arranged helpful for the members?

The technical presentations have been very helpful in getting the members organized and with help from other senior members and consultants, we hope to deliver some substantial knowledge to our society members.

  • Do you think that HVACR Expos should be organized in some other cities as well?

Yes where there is a potential like Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan etc.

  • How do you think the members can further engaged in society activities?

By taking part in the society activities.

  • RD is now a days a vital issue of the HVAC sector. Is society taking some measure to solve it?

We surely are looking into the matter and there are a few members who on their own have gone into R&D, we in return are exploring the possibilities as to how we can take advantage of their work and give them a recognition.

  • What is your message to the members on completion of 25 years of HVACR Expo?

I give respect and honor to the members who had the vision to form this society, and as we can see the society thriving and moving ahead with all its obstacles.

  • Please communicate anything else you feel to be highlighted.

My energetic team doing working very well and development day by day for betterments of society without any benefit and my humble request to my senior members and all other society members help us by handing hand in hands for the good society. So that we should do something’s good for the coming generations. I pray to Almighty to give me courage and my team and we have a good faith in society. All this is what the charity is going on.

Allah will help us in all the things we are working on. (In Sha Allah)