Infrastructure spending declines

Spending on infrastructure, highways, roads and bridges is declined due to increased spending on law and order by the federal and provincial governments.

The Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP-II) up to second quarter of fiscal year 2017-18, uploaded by Finance Ministry on its website, stated that spending on infrastructure projects, roads, highways and bridges declined to Rs139.057 billion during July-December 2017-18 from Rs149.765 billion for the same period a year before.

The government spending on law and order, however, increased to Rs175 billion during the first half of the current fiscal year from Rs144 billion for the same period of last fiscal year.

The federal government’s expenditures on law and order increased to Rs56 billion from Rs49 billion, Punjab government, from Rs41 billion to Rs53 billion, Sindh government, from Rs26 billion to Rs35 billion, KP government, from Rs17 billion to Rs 17.9 billion, whereas Balochistan government’s expenditure on law and order increased to Rs11 billion from Rs10 billion,

The spending of federal and provincial governments on environment, water supply and sanitation increased to Rs25.5 billion in the current fiscal year from Rs22.9 billion for the same period a year before, spending on education increased to Rs331 billion from Rs310 billion, while spending on health increased to Rs144 billion from Rs111 billion.

Expenditure of the federal government on education increased to Rs51 billion from Rs38 billion, Punjab government, from Rs135 billion to Rs148 billion, Sindh government, from Rs62 billion to Rs71 billion, and Balochistan government spending increased from Rs18 billion to Rs21 billion. However, KP government’s spending on education was declined to Rs38 billion during the two quarters of the current fiscal year from Rs54 billion for the same period of the last fiscal year.