IEEEP to help the Economy by supporting Made in Pakistan Engr. Irfan Ahmad, Chairman IEEEP Karachi Center

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Pakistan (IEEEP) was formed in 1979 for the purpose of dissemination of knowledge but now with the rapidly changing scenarios it is moving towards a paradigm change. The IEEEP wants to play an active role in giving the right direction to the economy by seeking local manufacture and local value addition where ever possible. These views were shared by Mr. Irfan Ahmad, Chairman IEEEP Karachi Centre while talking to Engineering Post.

IEEEP can assist the government and policy making institutions by providing the latest and relevant knowledge. For example the industrial sector of Pakistan has been shrinking for a few years now and as a result of which the GDP has also started shrinking. Even the Pakistanis themselves have been relocating their industries to other countries like Bangladesh and Malaysia etc., mainly due to unreliable and expensive electrical power. This information has come out of various studies carried out by the IEEEP Members as a part of the official job. IEEEP therefore can play an active role in the required areas to help in the right growth of the Industrial Sector” said Mr Irfan Ahmad.

The 10th edition of the IEEEP Fair will be held this year from 2-3 October 2019. During the Fair, Academic and Industrial Conferences will also be held to provide exposure to the local manufacturing and local research. While commenting on this year’s IEEEP Fair he said that due to the increased tensions in the area, the international exhibitors are still a bit indecisive about attending the IEEEP Fair so we have replaced them with the local parties. This year we have launched a special campaign for improving the number of directly related professional visitors. Invitations have been extended specially to the senior faculty members of Universities and government departments like NTDC, AEDB, Sindh Energy Department etc.”, he revealed.

Mr Irfan while commenting on the current situation said that the only solution we have is to provide engineering design solutions which maximize the use of locally made products like cables, switchgear and transformers etc. The large projects should have at least 30% local value addition (Electrical Balance of Plant should be local) which should be increased to 70% within 3 years. Only those technologies should be opted which have the potential of local manufacture.

Further Pakistan should refrain from G2G Agreements based on import of equipment which can be or is being manufactured locally. Such agreements only increase the foreign trade deficit.

Mr. Irfan Ahmad, in his message to the investors said that they should change the mind-set of no risk, and have entrepreneurial thinking. Yes the projects can be risky but the risks can be covered in a way which is more beneficial for the Country. We need to inculcate leadership skills in our upcoming generation at the academic level.” This country needs entrepreneurs with leadership skills. Objectives Based Education (OBE) introduced by HEC and PEC at the University level will help a long way in getting the right engineers for our Industry.

In the next step we need to introduce transparency in our methods, the easiest way for which is to digitalise various sectors. For example, the real time important information about electrical utilities should be available on-line, such as the total MW generation and individual contributions from various power plants etc. This is being done by many utilities of the World to give confidence to the consumers and tax payers that things are progressing in the right direction.

Another very important step that needs to be taken is the promotion of local research and development. This year’s Academic & Industrial Conferences at the IEEEP Fair are doing exactly that.