Govt to make special arrangements for importing Afghan coal

In order to generate cheap electricity the government has decided to import coal from Afghanistan which is much cheaper than importing from other locations.

In this regard the border management committee, comprising of all relevant departments involved with importing and use of coal, has decided to ensure that the all steps be taken to ensure seamless import from Afghanistan.

After detailed discussion, all the members of the committee took the following decisions: (i) Ministry of Interior and FBR will immediately issue notification for 24/7 operations of Khalarchi and Ghulam Khan terminals; (ii) FBR (Customs), Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs will immediately issue notification for trans-Pakistan and trans-Afghanistan movement of vehicles of both countries; (iii) FBR (Customs) will ensure 24/7 availability of Clearing Agents at BTs; (iv) Ministry of Commerce and FBR will immediately include coal vehicles in Green Channel at Ghulam Khan and Khalarchi for night operations (v) all the agencies like FBR, NLC, FIA and CAF shall ensure development of additional human resource for smooth 24/7 operations; (vi) for facilitation on Tazkira/Passport of vehicles crew, Ministry of Interior shall hold meeting of the Border Management Committee to issue necessary instructions; (vii) FBR shall take up the matter with Afghan side for extension of WeBOC system for pre-filing; (viii) Sahiwal and China Hub Power will be treated as bonded warehouse for the purposes of Afghan coal only; (ix) an Implementation Committee (IC) has been constituted to supervise implementation of agreed roadmap and to resolve day to day issues.