NUST ranks as number one university in Pakistan

NUST organized Dragon Boat Festival to strengthen Pak China Friendship

In order to strengthen the Pak-China Friendship, China Study Centre at NUST arranged dragon boat festival. The august festival was not only arranged for Pakistani and Chinese students but also Chinese famous companies like three gorges company, tang international education, CSAIL and others, who are operating in Pakistan were invited delightedly. Pakistani and Chinese dignitaries were amazed to see how their young generation are collaborating with each other and participating in cross cultural activities. Moreover, CSC also invited CPEC dignitaries, directors and consolers of China Study centers and China cultural institutions. The mega event arranged by CSC NUST Islamabad in which many companies, educational institutions and universities of China sponsored their products and cash prizes to CSC was a fresh initiative after a long hustling situation between two countries.  Chinese students and children who are living in Pakistan participated in dances and cultural shows; they also participated to sing Urdu Pakistani songs to show friendship and brotherhood relations with Pakistan. At the same time, NUST students, those who are learning Chinese language also sang Chinese songs to express that language and cultural barriers cannot fade our friendships. The basic purpose of this event was to promote cross cultural activities between two countries and to promote CPEC for prosperity of both countries.