27th HVACR Expo & Conference Lahore Chapter organized another record breaking event

Mr. Ahmad Naeem Chughtai, Chairman Lahore Chapter PHVACR Society talks to Engineering Post

The 27th Pakistan HVACR Expo & conference which was organised at Lahore was one of the most successful events organised by the Pakistan HVACR society till date. Even at the scorching heat of 45 degrees centigrade at Lahore people flocked to the Expo centre to attend expo & conference which was arranged after facing delays of more than 2 years.

Ahmad Naeem Chughtai, Chairman Lahore chapter Pakistan HVACR society while talking to Engineering Post said that the success of the event was owed not to him as this success is due to blessing of almighty Allah and the organising team members of the society who worked day and night to make the event successful. “The whole society worked together to make this event successful which is why the results were so positive. I want to congratulate all the organising team members of the Pakistan HVACR society for their hard work for making this event successful,” he said.

PHVACR Society and ASHRAE worked together in coordination to ensure the success of the event. During the conversation Mr. Ahmad Naeem Chughtai said that the liaison helped a lot in making the event as well as the conference successful for the organisers and exhibitors. ASHRAE engaged universities and other educational institutions especially top management of Institute of Architect Pakistan while the technical people from the government were invited through emails “The conference of ASHRAE was also well attended with more than 100 people in first two days session but it goes to more than 200 people on the last day, this was only made possible due to the close coordination of the two organisations especially Thanks to Mr. Abdul Rahman President ASHRAE CPC whose personally involvement  and combined efforts of both teams towards making the event successful,” he added.

The feature widely appreciated in the expo by maximum exhibitors was that the visitors were mainly professional with excellent footfalls and not general visitors. This was by design as the Pakistan HVACR society had undertaken targeted marketing especially for the industrialists and professionals to ensure that the exhibitors received professional visitors. “Our Organising team which consist of Mr. Muhammad Aamir, Mr. Sajjad Haider, Mr. Hammad Khan, Mr. Afzaal Malik, Mr. Agha Elias, Mr. Jafar Raza, Mr. Nisar Mohyuddin, Mr. Safdar Ali, Mr. Imtiaz Ch, Mr. Syed Mukhtar Ali, Mr.Tariq Mahmod, Mr. Adnan Liaqat, Mr. Abdullah, Mr. Athar Shahzad Amir & Mr. Fakkhi Iftikhar who worked day & night for the successful event like arranging billboard’s in Lahore & Faisalabad industrial areas, streamers on main boulevards & canal banks of Lahore, we met with Presidents of FPCCI, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad & Rawalpindi Chambers of Commerce to ensure their participation with their delegations in the event for targeting the professional & industrialist audience specifically. Although the event was organised by the Lahore chapter but overall it is a win for the Pakistan HVACR Society,”.

I especially thanks our President PHVACR society Mr. Ahmad Nawaz who supported us everywhere & spent lot of time in Lahore before expo.

“Although many international companies did not participate at the last minute but the silver lining was that their absence provided space for the local manufacturers to be a part of the expo for the first time on such a large scale and display their manufacturing capabilities and products for the visitors. This helped us in making this expo the larges one till now with the most exhibitors. With the import ban it was the perfect time to promote local companies in the market and we did it successfully Alhamdulillah,” he said.