Engr. Irfan Ahmad Chairman IEEEP Karachi Centre

Dear Exhibitors and Visitors,

Welcome to the IEEEP Fair 2018.

It has always been the endeavor of the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  (75% Pakistan (IEEEP) Karachi Centre, to provide firsthand knowledge about the latest trends and the cutting-edge products in the industry through the IEEEP Fair which has been Pakistan’s leading Exhibition of Electrical & Electronics Goods and Equipments for over three decades now.

IEEEP Fair 2018, the 9th Fair in its present format, also provides a platform and an enabling environment to the major players from both local manufacturing & service industry, the academia and the relevant GoP agencies to evolve a right direction for the Country through the exchange of views with the international exhibitors.

Considering that only about 25% of the World’s 2 Deg. C carbon budget is now remaining (75% has already been utilized), the increased usage of green technologies needs to be promoted, especially in the low-efficiency transport sector of Pakistan. Therefore in the years to come, the IEEEP Fair will focus its attention on the Renewable Energy (RE) technologies, related Distributed Green Generation using Microgrids and Battery Energy Storage, Net Metering and RE charged Electrical Vehicles along with all the traditional fields being supported by it.

Research being done at the local universities in the fields of renewables, energy efficiency and storage and their commercial applications will be given their due exposure in the IEEEP Fair. The monthly technical seminars will provide a regular follow-up of the important topics of the IEEEP Fair.

IEEEP Karachi Centre would like to value the relationships established with our Exhibitors during the three days of the IEEEP Fair 2018 by keeping a regular contact through our monthly Newsletter and timely information of other technical activities of IEEEP.

Wishing all the participants a very successful Event,

Engr. Irfan Ahmad

Chairman IEEEP Karachi Centre

Message from Vice Chair IEEEP Karachi Center for IEEEP Fair 2018

It is a matter of great pride for me to write these lines on the occasion of yet another great milestone for IEEEP Karachi Center i.e. the 9th consecutive Industrial exhibition of electrical electronics, and alternative energy products and solutions. In this fast and rapid changing in the technological development era, the professionals and other members of the society are eager to know what sort of technological developments have been made since last year, IEEEP Karachi center and their dedicated volunteers after working very hard and in support of Badar Expo Solution gathers almost all major electrical, electronics and other allied companies under one roof for three days.

I see this exhibition in different perspective, one as a professional engineer and other as an academician, both perspectives are equally important. As a professional engineer I may get an opportunity to witness the technological development in all areas of electrical engineering and as a professor, I see this is a big opportunity for my students to interact with all major engineering organizations and get motivated towards the engineering field and ready to board on this ship for their future. This would also provide an opportunity for academics to truly interact with industry and vice versa.

The 3rd day of the event is especially significant where IEEEP Karachi center is arranged four technical sessions including one panel discussion, three of them are on the latest technological development in Pakistan i.e. Electrical Vehicle, Net Metering, and Microgrid, most of the speakers and panelist are from the concerned industry.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all participants including exhibitors, sponsors for their continued support in organizing this international engineering fair, I am equally thankful for the management of Karachi Expo center, volunteers and other who have contributed in making this event very successful. Last but not least, I would also very thankful for Badar Expo Solutions, specially Mr. Syed Faisal Ali for their untiring efforts in making this event a successful event.

Thank you

Parkash Lohana

Vice Chair IEEEP Karachi Center

Engr. Muhammad Irfan Shaikh
Convener Exhibition, IEEEP Fair
IEEEP, Karachi Centre

On behalf of the Institution of Electrical & Electronic Engineers, Pakistan (IEEEP) – Karachi Centre, I welcome you all to IEEEP Fair 2018, the 9th Industrial Exhibition of Electrical, Electronics and Allied products. IEEEP Fair 2018 is organized in four large halls with one dedicated to lighting and its accessories.

since any engineering product is the result of extensive research and development, it is of prime importance for IEEEP to project and disseminate the in-depth information about various products of our industry and provide full support and advice in this regard. IEEEP Fair is therefore organized every year to meet this very objective. IEEEP Fair has been growing every year in stature and quality.

IEEEP, Karachi Centre is proud to hold this industrial exhibition with a greater international participation. I am confident that with the grace of Almighty Allah,the participants and visitors will benefit tremendously from this show in all respects. There will be enormous opportunities to acquire information about new products, to boost networking significantly and close lucrative business deals.

I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to all participating organizations and sponsors for their continued support and patronage over the years for IEEEP Fair.

I would Like to extend heartfelt thanks to our event manager, Badar Expo Solutions, their team, especially Syed Faisal Ali, Project Head for putting their dedicated and consistent efforts in making the event a success. They exhibited their vast experience in managing the event of world class nature.

Zohair Naseer (C.O.O.)

Badar Expo Solutions (BXSS)

It is a matter of great pride for me and for the entire team of Badar Expo Solutions (BXSS) to have managed yet another series of IEEEP Fair, an iconic exhibition by Institution of Electrical and Electronics Industries (IEEEP), Karachi. I am grateful to the sponsors, local and international exhibitors and trade visitors, for their presence at this auspicious occasion. I hope that their participation would be professionally rewarding.


Over the last decade, BXSS has organized more than a 1000 Events and Exhibitions. Our team, of trained professionals, is capable of providing complete services in terms of event management, making customized stalls and organizing trade fairs, seminars, conferences, ATL & BTL activities, designing, printing to name a few. BXSS is further committed to providing high quality and world-class services in the years ahead.

I am confident that the 9th edition of the fair will once again serve as a successful interactive platform for Exhibitors, experts and professionals, for exploring opportunity for investments and B2B networking.

Moreover, I am delighted to state that an International Conference on 4th Industrial Revolution (IC4IR), is also being conducted alongside IEEEP Fair, which is co-organized with NED University of Engineering & Technology.

Lastly, I would like to wish all the best to the Chairman IEEEP Fair and honorable Vice Chancellor of NED University for a very successful participation. I also extend my warm welcome to all the visitors, seniors from academia and delegates at this mega event.

Mohammad Zubair
Governor Sindh

I cordially welcome all the delegates, exhibitors and visitors to IEEEP Fair-2018. This exhibition is an important element in strengthening our manufacturing capabilities and business strategies. On one