Distribution, transmission, ECNEC approves Projects worth Rs16 bn

The Executive Committee of National Economic Council (Ecnec) okayed two power distribution and transmission projects for Sukkur Electric Supply Company (Sepco) worth Rs 16 billion.

Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms informed Ecnec that the new 132KV grid stations and transmission lines entailed construction of new grid stations, conversion of 66 kV to 132kV and extension and construction of new transmission lines.

The scope of work for the project was as follows: (i) construction of 12 new Grid stations; (ii) conversion of 9, 66 kV to 132 kV grid stations; (iii) augmentation of 22, 132 kV grid stations; (iv) extension of 15,132 kV transformers; (v) extension of 21 lines bays; and (vi) construction of 545 km 132 kV SDT transmission lines.

In another summary, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms revealed that the main objective of the project was to expand distribution network of Sepco to meet growing demand of the area. Following main components of the project were submitted: (i) providing 61151 new electricity connections to prospective consumers; (ii) an addition of 2050km 11kV lines; (iii) an addition of 1150 km LT lines; and (iv) installation of 2498 distribution transformers of different capacities.

CDWP had recommended the project for consideration of Ecnec at a total cost of Rs 3.825 billion without FEC subject to the conditions that: (a) Sepco will make fool-proof arrangements for proper functioning of capacitors; and (b) Allocations may be made as per their financial scheduling and the project will be completed in time without any revision. Sepco ensured to comply with the directives of CDWP.